Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Some oldies and stuff

I didn't take many pictures on this long weekend. We were mostly just out enjoying the nice weather. Reese got her hair cut. These are her before pictures, but no afters because she wanted to surprise grandma with her new cut. Since I already told grandma, the best I could do was hide the evidence.  She looks totally unimpressed here because I kept asking if she was "sure" she wanted to cut her hair. My kids have never asked for such drastic haircuts. But they are happy with their new summer dos. 

I am trying to search my computer for pictures for my digital frame, which has been serving as an expensive clock for the last several months. Many have been taken off the computer, but I found a few old ones that made me smile.  And the kids got a kick out of some old videos we found.   I will now bombard my readers with baby pictures. I am just like my parents and their "slide shows." Hey, I have those slides....Must upload some more....
The second pic below is my eldest baby in JK!!! (Just like my littlest baby is now).


  1. Gorgeous! As usual. You make beautiful babies... I think you need to have another... ;)