Monday, May 14, 2012

My Nephews

Here are some pics from Mother's Day. I probably took about 20 pics of the kids together, and they weren't so cooperative. The best pic I was able to get is the coloured one of the four kids, and there is a weird line through the middle. I am not sure why, but it appears in my pics occasionally, and I think it's because my memory card is damaged. But just so you know, it only appeared in the best of the group shots. Ha. Figures!

Three Good Things about Today: 1) I won an Angelina Ballerina Board game for Zoe. 2) We had the fastest visit we've ever had to the walk in clinic today. And both the children were pretty well behaved at Costco afterwords. 3)Zoe had her first soccer game and actually stayed on the field during her turn, and kicked the ball. Progress!


  1. Love them! thanks for capturing such cute pics of my boys...especially considering how uncooperative they were being!

  2. Super cute! I love the black and white one with the baby's tongue sticking out. It's priceless!