Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy Mother's Day to All the Mommas and Stuff.

Thanks to my awesome hubby for taking pics of me with my girls. You may notice that my husband's pictures look a whole lot like my style. This is because I set up the camera for him, give him directions, and then edit the pics myself.  When I first developed an interest in photography, I was naive enough to think the camera would do everything for me.  Unfortunately photography does not work like that.  (Shock!) 
To my parents, who happen to read this blog, pics of your four little grand-babies to come tomorrow. I need to run off that extra helping of ice cream cake that my dad made me eat tonight.

Three Great Things About My Day:
(I will be leaving out any mother's day cliches about family, gush, and love.)

1) I won a membership to a fun website (Bunki Munki) for Reese. She is super excited.
2) My girls made me awesome presents.
3) My mom gave me her tangerine candle. I hardly even had to hint about how much I wanted it. Okay, I did do that on a few occasions. But It was given to me out of genuine love. Thanks mom! :)

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  1. Love, love, love that first pic. So sweet. We need to remember to get in front of the camera with the kids more often. I had my dh take some of me and the kids today too! Not sure I'm brave enough to post them though... ;)