Friday, May 11, 2012

For Fun Pics

Zoe and I took some pics of ourselves the other day. I really don't enjoy photos taken a foot from my face (especially with a wide angle lens!) but my husband never, ever pics of the camera unless I put it in his hands so sometimes that's what you've got to do to get pictures with your babies. So for this post, I'm ignoring the fact that taking pictures of yourself (and posting them too), is a bit odd or vain 'cause these pics are just for fun, ya know? Zoe took the pics of me. I cropped them to appear appear slightly more flattering, which is a really vain thing to do. ;) 

This is just something I have thought about blogging about the last couple of days. I am adding it in at the bottom of my posts. So you know that it will be there, but can ignore it if you'd like. Years ago I used to journal. I don't have time to journal and blog so that's a small part of why I dropped journaling. But if I did journal, I'd write this in a journal. Since I don't, I'm writing it here. It's kind of a gratitude journal, but I'll call it, Three Great Things About My Day:

1) We had a campfire tonight with the kids, with really fresh and yummy marshmallows. 
2) I spent the day with Zoe. We went to playgroup in the morning, and then the park. It was nice out. :)
3) Reese was extra-specially sweet and affectionate with me this evening.


  1. Awww, those are super cute! I'm really bad about taking pictures with me kids. I know I should get over it but it is just so hard!

  2. aww! i love these!!! (and i know totally how you feel, Mr U never takes the camera, and if he does, well the shots suck! lol)