Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Sweet Things...

I am keeping up my photographic inspiration/motivation by taking random pictures of chives, expresso, and my kid in rabbit ears. (There is an explanation for that...They are part of a board game. She looks totally unimpressed because she just wanted to play. Right. Away.)

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Some oldies and stuff

I didn't take many pictures on this long weekend. We were mostly just out enjoying the nice weather. Reese got her hair cut. These are her before pictures, but no afters because she wanted to surprise grandma with her new cut. Since I already told grandma, the best I could do was hide the evidence.  She looks totally unimpressed here because I kept asking if she was "sure" she wanted to cut her hair. My kids have never asked for such drastic haircuts. But they are happy with their new summer dos. 

I am trying to search my computer for pictures for my digital frame, which has been serving as an expensive clock for the last several months. Many have been taken off the computer, but I found a few old ones that made me smile.  And the kids got a kick out of some old videos we found.   I will now bombard my readers with baby pictures. I am just like my parents and their "slide shows." Hey, I have those slides....Must upload some more....
The second pic below is my eldest baby in JK!!! (Just like my littlest baby is now).

Thursday, May 17, 2012


 I have this awesome quick pop maker. http://www.zokuhome.com/
It makes popsicles in 9 minutes (theoretically). I say theoretically because the recipes are pretty intensive to make a few popsicles.  The ones I made tonight were cookie dough. So I had to make eggless cookie dough, pudding, and the "magic shell" is not the kind in a bottle.  I have never made magic shell, but this one was a hit so I'll do it again. It's really easy. You use two parts chocolate chips to every one part coconut oil.  You can heat it double boiler style, but I microwaved mine, stirring at 10 seconds intervals.  
 I also cut Zoe's hair today. It was Reese that gave her the idea (last week) to cut her hair to her shoulders because she said it would look so cute. So Zoe jumped on that right away.  I made her wait a week.  She seemed torn once it was cut, but when Reese saw it, Zoe seemed satisfied because Reese loved it.  Now I just hope her little "love" from school likes it too. ;)


Three great things about my day:
1) We ran into one of Zoe's classmates from preschool (last year) at Homesense and we will be arranging a park date soon.
2) Dave took both of the girls to soccer practice with him.
3) I have "fun" mail for the second day in a row.

Monday, May 14, 2012

My Nephews

Here are some pics from Mother's Day. I probably took about 20 pics of the kids together, and they weren't so cooperative. The best pic I was able to get is the coloured one of the four kids, and there is a weird line through the middle. I am not sure why, but it appears in my pics occasionally, and I think it's because my memory card is damaged. But just so you know, it only appeared in the best of the group shots. Ha. Figures!

Three Good Things about Today: 1) I won an Angelina Ballerina Board game for Zoe. 2) We had the fastest visit we've ever had to the walk in clinic today. And both the children were pretty well behaved at Costco afterwords. 3)Zoe had her first soccer game and actually stayed on the field during her turn, and kicked the ball. Progress!