Thursday, March 22, 2012

Taste Testing

Today I wasted away a couple of hours making Oreo pops for Reese's party. They didn't turn out as I'd envisioned, but they are still kind of pretty wrapped. As I made them semi-unsuccessfully, I told myself their imperfections were fine and that I was an artist. This year since I'm working all weekend, I thought I'd save myself the suffering involved in making a cake. So we agreed on a DQ cake, which I purchased a Groupon for. FAIL. We went to order it up, and they don't do custom cakes at that location. So now I need to go out and buy all those little decorator gel things and make the picture we'd planned on. Reese whined that her cake was ugly. And then she showed her lack or gratitude by telling me the cookie lollipops were too small. Apparently she thought I was making the Wilton pops, not the Oreo kind. $#%&. (See, I told you I don't swear. Those are just symbols.) Anyway, here is the good news. You hear all that fussing over the ugly DQ cake? That means someone appreciates my cakes! Sure it does.

So for this pic above, I thought I would try and get "fancy" with the Lightroom. The one side of Reese's face was a bit blown out by the light from the window so I thought I could "fix" that would some highlights/darkness curves. Apparently I have some reading to do...


  1. :) I remember making the oreo cookie pops, what a pita. I couldn't find the double stuffed ones so I took the icing out of one and put it into another. Long process and lots of mistakes, but they taste great :)

    yours look great :)

  2. That last pic is adorable!! Cute story too! lol

    As for the blown areas... they'd likely be easiest to correct (or try to) in ACR. :)


  3. They turned out great, and yummy by the looks of it! Zoe's expression is awesome in that first pic.

  4. If it's any consolation the pops look awesome to me! Your girls are adorable as ever. :)