Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Reese's Eighth Birthday Party

Here are a few pics from Reese's party. This was her first "food bank" party, and she collected over 75 canned goods (thank you friends!)  She was very excited and couldn't wait to drop them off. She received a few gifts from family and a few small gifts/gift cards from friends, which was a nice surprise for her, as she had not expected that. She is looking forward to having another food bank party next year, and her cousin wants to have one too. :) It's great how it "spreads." I got the idea from friends of ours who have done it every year for their kid's parties.  I am so happy that Reese embraced the idea this year.


  1. Great pics!! I love the bday cake ones. She's so sweet. Great idea with the canned goods. J has been to quite a few parties that request donations for various charities.... I think it's great! Way to go Reese!

  2. I love food bank parties! Our girls are already so lucky and have everything they need. It just doesn't make sense to buy more junk. :) When we collected food in lieu of gifts at Christmas, I arranged for our family to volunteer at the food bank the day that we delivered our donation. It was pretty awesome. Happy belated birthday, Reese!