Sunday, March 18, 2012

The Pogo Queen

I had to put a hold on this post until my parents saw Reese this weekend. The kids pulled out the Pogo sticks this week and after practicing daily, on Friday Reese managed to pull off 200 consecutive jumps on the Pogo stick. I should know because I had to sit there and count. I, personally, am not so good at Pogo-ing. I can kind of, sort of, do one consecutive hop. (No, that wasn't a typo. I really mean one.) Reese went on all week about how my parent's friend, Barry, could do 100 pogo hops. So when she topped that goal, and then doubled it, she had to share the news with my dad herself. Today Reese and Barry had a pogo competition. Reese won,with a total of 260 consecutive jumps.

Reese models with her Pogo stick- because that's what pogo stars do.


  1. 260 pogo hops!!! She IS the pogo queen! You go girl :)
    I think I topped out at about 5 hops as a kid. I' d probably lose a tooth or something if I tried now.

  2. 260?!! Awesome. I think my record is about 10 and it's been years. Love the pogo star pictures!

  3. Oh very cool! I absolutely LOVE how all the toys from when we were kids are cool now! My girls have been asking about getting a pogo stick!

    Go Reese Go!!!

  4. Wow that is awesome! I saw pogo sticks at Scholars Choice last week and wanted to buy one! They had stilts too and boy did they bring back memories!

  5. Way to go Reese!!!