Sunday, March 4, 2012

Pet Portraits

We had a fun time taking pictures of the guinea pigs this evening. The pets don't look too comfy, but I don't think they were actually upset because there was no crying or squealing (which they do when they are seemingly uncomfortable).  I bought this awesome chair, that the guinea pigs are sitting on, for Zoe's room a couple of weeks ago at the Homesense final clearance event. I love it, and the best part? The regular Homesense price was $100, but I paid $25 because two of the gem buttons had been pulled off, but I figured I can easily hot glue new gems on there for the $75 I saved. ;) It will be a cute photography prop too. Normally I'm not a fan of buying damaged goods at Homesense/Winners because the markdown is usually so small that it's not worth it, but during the final clearance event they have some sweet deals.  I have been working on Zoe's big girl room for the last year and it's coming along slowly, but nicely. :)


  1. omg omg. such sweet pics and they're soooo adorable! you make me *think* i want to get one of these stinky squealy guys again!

  2. These are the funniest and cutest photos....omg, I love them! LOL