Friday, March 2, 2012

My Bathroom

Remember yesterday how I posted that if you didn't want to see boring pictures of stuff like my bathroom, you probably shouldn't read this blog? I really wasn't kidding. We gave our ensuite a little makeover.The pictures are kind of crap, but I'm quite happy with the bathroom.  The mirror still needs a little touching up. I bought it deeply discounted at Homesense, with the plan of  touching it up. Dave polyfilled the dents on it, I just have to paint those areas now. It has a rustic style of painting so I figured it would be fixable.  I bought it for just over 20 % of the Homesense regular price, which was close to 10% of the full retail so why not work with it, right? Anyway, it looks better in real life. We had one of those big mirrors that the builder installs in here before. So that had to go (after 8.5 years!)  We also had never changed the paint in the bathroom so it was long overdue.  (You know how builder's paint is always the worst quality. It's not quite as bad in the bathrooms though.) I bought a pretty orchid to freshen up the appearance. I bought some basic white curtains and my mom hemmed them up for me (thanks mom!) And I bought a new towel holder at Homesense (that I've apparently overstuffed. It can only comfortably hold three rolled up towels.) I think it's actually a planter, but who cares. It fits. 


  1. I love the mirror and that window pic is really really pretty. I LOOOVE Homesense!!