Friday, March 16, 2012

March Break, Part Two

Reese's fan is blowing in her room. (She is too freaked out to open her window at night because she has no screen). It is that nice out. And it's technically still winter.  Canadians seem to talk about the weather a lot. I'm not sure if this happens as much in places that don't get much (or any) snow, but every winter there is an abundance of Facebook whines about the snow, and then plentiful cheers when the sun comes out. This is the nicest weather I think I've ever seen during March break so you'll be sure to find me in the cheering section.  I am hoping to end off the break on a high note because the kids will be splitting the weekend with their two sets of grandparents.  I will be working/sleeping, and Dave can use a few moments of downtime after two months straight of having the kids every weekend. But tomorrow we will get to have dinner together, kid free!


  1. I really like #5 and #6. Great action shots! Nicely done!


  2. Sounds like a successful March Break all round! These pictures are great, love the silly faces. And hooray for a kid free dinner, enjoy!

  3. Love these pictures Laura!! Madison had a blast with you guys, as she always does! :)