Sunday, February 12, 2012

Lifestyle vs Formal Portraits

I read an article online the other day about infant photography.  I think baby photos are some of the few pics that can look great posed. That's because infants don't pose. I mean, yeah, we pose them in cute, unnatural baby poses where the hands need to be edited out afterwords, but they don't smile on command, in that unnatural over-smile form, that a four or five year old might do.  But anyway, I digress. The article was about doing lifestyle photography with infants, and I liked the idea, and I think I will try that out sometime (get ready for auntie, little Cohen.) I also like the fact that infants can't protest having their photo taken like older children. But maybe that's cruel of me to take advantage? Nah, they'll thank us later, right? Anyway, here is a lifestyle pic I took today, and it's one of my favs because I was able to capture a natural smile on my little Zo's face, while daddy painted her nails.

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  1. Cohen's all set! now get home so we can visit and have more beautiful pics :)