Thursday, February 16, 2012

Her Name Scarcely Fits on a Name Tag...

I think this little ruffle romper is the first spring wardrobe purchase I've made this year. Now that Zoe is a size 5 (aka, end of the baby world in fashion), I have to jump quickly if I want a particular outfit. I wasn't sure about the colour of this one 'cause I thought it might be a little dull, but it looks so cute on, and I admired it all afternoon. I asked Zoe not to wear it 'cause it's not exactly Spring. (And if you live here, you'll know how not exactly I mean). But I guess any kid that can coordinate a headband to an outfit this well is bound to want a head start on fashion for the upcoming season.

Awesome parenting?

Zoe's current reading love, "Chrysanthemum." Try saying it five times in a row. She doesn't need Dave to read it to her, I guess. She's pretty much got it memorized. My favourite part is hearing her read the heading of this post.

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