Monday, December 31, 2012

A Christmas holiday, Part 2

 My girls ad my nephews on Christmas day. :) Gamers- need I say more? They are bonding.

Sunday, December 30, 2012

Skating and Such

Once upon a time there was a baby girl born into the wrong climate. That baby girl was me.  I don't like hockey, I hate the cold, and when the snow comes, I want to hibernate all. winter. long.  I am not proud of these facts, but that's what they are. Facts.  It'd be neat if I could shout "Go Maple Leafs! Go!" at the tv with genuine can't-take-my-eyes-off-the-tv kind of interest, and that I couldn't wait for the outdoor rinks to freeze, but there's no sense in pretending to be what you're not. My dad and Dave took the kids to Harmony Square in downtown Brantford to go ice skating. Dave was shocked when I said I was going to come along.  I figured if I could be of absolutely no help, I could at least photograph my children during their first outdoor skate of the season, and I think Zoe's first outdoor skate ever.  Unfortunately, after a few minutes of freezing my buns off and wondering why I came, the children were still not done as I'd been expecting. They were enjoying it! So I went into a little coffee shop next door and sat by the fire drinking a latte. Well, at least I tried. Mom of the year trophy goes to...
someone else. 

Saturday, December 29, 2012

A Christmas Holiday, Part 1

It always takes me a few posts to share, in pictures, the holiday that comes and goes so quickly. It's been a good one so far, but I'm ready to take down the tree now and get this house back in order.

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Christmas Lights

Tonight we took the kids to Victoria Park to see the Christmas lights. In their typical style, my kids tried to turn this to-be-outing into drama. Zoe sulked because she wanted to stay home and play Wii Tennis. Reese did a summersault into the tv stand and stubbed her toe and it was practically the end of the world.  But we finally made it out, and despite a some complaints about the cold, the kids loved seeing the lights, and even want to go back again to go skating next time. :)

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

I know I keep saying I'm leaving this place...

I know I keep saying I'm leaving this, and I am! Well, on days when it won't let me upload any pictures I am. But I checked my storage space, and I'm only at 19% use so I'm not really sure what is going on. (Some people are so much drama, eh?) Really, it's not drama. I just don't know what's happening. Anyway, here is Reese before her Brownie Christmas party. She had a great time, and I think she enjoyed dressing up because she was more than happy to pose for me. She gets right into it sometimes! Anyway, for those days that Blogger doesn't like me, I'll be over at Wordpress, but today, Blogger and I are friends! I didn't even resize these babies. 

Monday, December 10, 2012

My New Blog

So I know some said it would work, but it didn't. Resizing for web, I was still unable at the lowest possible resolution to post one more single photo on PlainlJayne. So I'm starting again. You can find me here!

I tried to make another Blogger blog, but I'm still banned. :( Really banned for good from posting any pictures on any blog attached to my email. As sad as I am to leave my blogger days behind, I am moving onto Wordpress, who are unfamiliar with me and my picture hogging ways. ( I was going to replace hogging with another word, but it was naughty. ;) But y'all know what I meant by hogging... )

I have no choice on the name of this blog (being listed under my business name.) I created this a few months ago, hogging up webspace from several sites listed under my business name for potential future use. I never got around to using it. But now it's my blog. For now.

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Resizing to buy some blogging time...

So I did it. I resized so that I could attempt to blog some more. I'm not gonna lie though. It hurts seeing my images in such an unsharp state. Maybe there is another way around it and I just need to experiment. But for now low resolution images were all that blogger would take from me, and only two of them at that. :( And yes, that's the guinea pig in a doll Beco. Darling, eh? The other pig would not participate.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Some Sad News For My Blogging Days...

So I went to post some pictures tonight and I was told I was out of space for pictures, and that I'd have to purchase more. Sniff. So it looks like my days of blogging here are pretty much numbered. (I had this warning once before, but then it went away so I moved on. This time, it would NOT let me upload any photos. I don't blog as much anymore, but I liked having my own little space here. If I find another space that accepts me for who I am, a space hogging, photo lovin' kinda girl, I will post the link to my new blog in case you want to follow along. For now I will go sulk in a corner. Or edit more pictures (whatever).

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Lovable Labels- Black Friday Sale!

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Christmas Pics (A Photo Overload!)

Admittedly I haven't had much opportunity lately to photograph my own kids.  But since I knew I wanted to do Christmas photo sessions, I had to use my own kids as an example. So I got some Christmas pics for cards ready and out of the way nice and early this year!  Anyway, I think that's probably enough pics for today...

Friday, November 16, 2012


The girls and their friends painted ornaments today. I wanted to fill them with buttons too, but we needed to wait for them to dry.  It's fun to get started on holiday crafts...the season is starting!

Friday, November 9, 2012


It's kind of hard to get mad at your 5 year old for writing on the bathroom sink when this is what she writes...
If you can't read it, it says "Love mom dad." Translation- "I love mom and dad." Awwww. And at least it wasn't Sharpie on her bedroom door...this time.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Pinterest, Gone Wrong

I love looking up crafts on Pinterest. My kids however, have their own ideas. The (small) part of me that is a good parent says, "Creativity- go - yay!" when they come up with their own concepts and ask if they have to follow the planned crafts. The other part of me thinks (quietly to herself) "What the bleep are you making?" as I watch them smear paint across the page, and sometimes themselves.  (That'd be the controlling, bad part of me that thinks that.) Aloud, I try my best (unsuccessfully) to sound sweet and ask what it is. Well, it started off like this, kind of like the original, and we were going to do this too, but that's when the smearing and stuff began.  I bet the mom did the ones on Pinterest. Those thumbprints look pretty big, right? ;) 
Our cards are gonna be original.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Freddy and the Devil

So Dave and I went to a late Halloween party on the weekend. We had to come up with some very last minute ( throw a dress in the washer and dryer) kind of ideas.  Dave and I tried to take some pictures of ourselves. You know that awesome variety where you hold out the camera a few feet from your face? Yeah, they were not so hot. The only reason I added this one of me in the awesome yellow lighting from the bathroom is because it is a smidge overexposed to the point where my wrinkles magically disappear. Yay, I'll take it! I'm nothing if not honest.  And who doesn't love a mirror self portrait (ha)? I don't even own a tube of lipstick so I tried to make my lips a bit red with a marker that I borrowed from my children. So these are our costumes, and my dress was almost dry by the time I put it on, and we were only about two hours late for the party. 

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween!

Well, I figured the least I could do is indulge the grandparents (who don't use Facebook), with pictures of the girls in costume. I couldn't even get them together for a picture. I had to get Reese's pic when she returned from her late night trick or treating adventures. My girls are so funny with their poses.  I just let them do their thing 'cause they are letting me photograph them and all.  Reese's pose reminds me of the poses I used to have to do for figure skating pictures. So uh...posed!  I threw this little "backdrop" up for them because Reese had picked it out when we were at Fabricland one day. I really couldn't say no 'cause she felt like I was shutting down all her fabric suggestions. So Halloween backdrop it was! It's a shiny orange fabric and the fabric on top is a black netting.  It was a good idea, really. I wasn't going to iron it or anything because it's just for fun and all. And it is a bit more fun than a brown wall in every single picture!

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

And it went a little something like this...

My girls have joined the Girl Guide team for their first year.  They are both so excited about it, and just loving it. Reese is especially excited to have her Auntie's old uniform. Zoe kindly received this Sparks shirt from a friend. She loves it too, and even wore it to school.  Before class on Monday, I wanted to get a couple of pics of the girls in uniform.  Well, they just happened to want to have about 1 million pictures taken, and they both wanted to pose and be all dramatic. A lot. I really just wanted a couple, but ya know, I had to humor them. Zoe was so mad that Reese interrupted her pictures. She didn't know about the "bunny ears" at the time though.