Thursday, December 22, 2011

Zoe's Mirror

Check this out. This is Zoe's new mirror. We put it at her height so she could see herself when she's getting dressed and stuff. I am pretty happy with how it turned out. I picked this up second hand. It was pretty hideous, mostly due to its gold colour, but I saw potential in it. It's kind of neat and old fashioned looking, and I think the pink colour gives it some modern flare. The tiny little flower mirrors below it are 99 cent pocket mirrors from Pier 1. I painted stems on them and a tree beside it to match Zoe's bedding.


  1. Thanks LJ for the info. I was at Masonville this week(Carlton Store) had everything 50% off it was CRAZY! I didn't see them there. Maybe Hallmark. No playgroup for the next 3 Fridays. Merry Christmas. First day back is Friday the 13th. I think the 20th is a PD day. I have to check my schedule.

  2. Love it! It's just like the one in Lucy's room. :)

  3. My new lens is just that 55-250mm but, with the image stabilizer. I think the stabilizer is very good to have.
    PS They are on SALE at Best Buy. Save $110. On sale for $249:)