Thursday, December 8, 2011

Okay Dried Up, Neglected Blog...

Today is the first day all week that I have given my sad little blog a chance to thrive- and well, not much of one, really. It's getting cold out and I am ready to hibernate for the winter. I have hardly picked up my lovely camera, and I'm hoping for some inspiration soon. What I'm most looking forward to right now though is two weeks from now, a lovely two weekend holiday from my dreaded weekend midnight shifts.

Advent goody: magnetic earrings. They work really well, but much like clip-ons, they aren't so comfortable. So after a short while of being all big with her first pair of earrings, they repurposed themselves into fridge magnets...temporarily? We'll see.

Okay, enough paparazzi for one day.

1 comment:

  1. Lol. Love the post title, made me laugh. :)

    She looks lovely and very grown up. Great idea for the advent calendar, the one I made is full of candy and I have two girls... both fairly cranky after the last two weeks, constantly hopped up on candy. I'll have to remember the earrings idea for next year when I'm (hopefully) more organised!

    Find some inspiration to pick up your camera soon, I love seeing your pictures. We should plan a time to go out and shoot together when things calm down around here! :)