Monday, December 19, 2011

Happy Holidays

Yesterday my Christmas vacation officially started. Today I ran around with Zoe, like an obvious crazy person, getting a few last minute errands done. And yes, I felt like I was pretty much a super hero doing all this stuff with a single four year old in tow. Unless you've taken out my four year old on errands, you probably shouldn't judge. ;) Today she was pretty good though. I'll admit that she had some difficulty keeping her hands off the tic tacs and gift cards at the check outs though. And she practically mouthed a few packages of candy, but anyway, it wasn't so bad. I had promised her a "grow big" type toy a while ago so I thought I would get her one after dragging her around on all these boring errands. Do not step into a Dollarama until after Christmas, let me tell you. That line up was the worst. But Zoe showed remarkable (shocking!) patience waiting in line for that grow big and I'm sure it will be worth the wait when he hatches tomorrow. Want to hear an awesome story? No? Oh well. Anyway... When I was a child they had grow bigs in Flinstones cereal. I wanted one really badly. I promised my mom I'd eat the cereal, but I knew I wouldn't. That stuff is disgusting. So she bought it for me and I loved that grow big and I didn't eat the gross cereal. And then I wanted another grow big so I promised her again that I would eat it. Here's what we got: Two grow bigs AND two boxes of uneaten cereal! Oh mom, I love you. xoxo

I made these Chocolate covered Oreo snowman pops today for some of our friends' kids. The ribbons are "scarves." Unfortunately this brilliant idea was not my own, and if you inspired to do some Oreo pops, visit
The chocolate covered honey pretzels are a quick treat I made for a gathering at Zoe's school tomorrow. I don't know if they'll be any good, but it's something kind of different. They were inspired by some I found on Pinterest.
Just so y'all know, the key to using Wilton chocolates is to microwave for just 20 seconds at a time and then stir and repeat. Hopefully that will save someone else who can't be bothered to read instructions some grief.

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