Thursday, November 24, 2011

Muffin Tin Advent Calendars- Take Two

Last year I made mini muffin tin Advent calendars for the girls. After Christmas, I put the magnet tops away in Ziploc bags and I decided to be practical and use the muffin tins to make mini muffins during their "off" season. Smart thinking? Not so much. I have searched everywhere for those magnet tops that I spent hours cutting, handstamping, and painting. I have no idea where I put them and I came to the conclusion that hunting for them was actually far more stressful than making more so that's what I did. They were a quicker, cheaper version of the original tops, but they'll do just fine. I couldn't wait to fill them so after I made the new magnet fronts, I started filling. After day 10, I wondered if the little treasures were starting to become boring and repetitive so Dave and I brainstromed and started thinking outside the muffin tin. For a couple, I will put a note with a message of where to find their little gifts for the day, and that way I won't have to confine everything to this tiny hole. And I think that will keep it interesting too. We are also thinking of a dinner out or a movie for another. Dave suggested we use the Palassad coins that are worth 10 tokens and put one of those in for a night out. I think it should be fun! The little Snoopy magnet packs were a sweet Michaels find, at less than a penny a magnet (for real!) I bought the packs all for the awesome magnets that read: This has been a good day.

My sweet girls were so excited to decorate the tree. I have to admit, I wanted it done, but didn't really want to do it so I was kind of relieved when they wanted to do it all by themselves. They decorated while I cooked dinner. That worked out pretty well, I'd say!

Zoe looks like she's in workout mode with the weights in the background. (I just had to shove those out of the corner so I could get the tree up.)

These are our favourite ornaments- blown glass Care Bears.


  1. I'm still looking for those carebears!!! I love carebears! Great pics.

  2. LOVE LOVE LOVE the muffin tin idea! So brilliant! And I cannot believe you actually cut, painted and all of that to the magnets the first time around. Well, yes I can because it's you, I just have no idea where you come up with the creativity. Amazing!