Thursday, November 10, 2011

It Finally Arrived...

Yesterday my new chip card came for my new camera. So I can finally use it. Learning to use a new camera is never the funnest part, as everything is a bit different on each body, even within the same brand, but I'm already loving the upsides- that I can use a higher iso without huge amounts of grain (400 was pretty much the max I could use on my previous camera), and of course the full frame sensor. As a portrait lens lover, I was always annoyed by the cropped shots, but no more. :) Don't expect to see any amazing difference in my photos though. ;) I still have the same old lenses. Next up on my list is a flash. My dear, sweet hubby has been Kijijing for my cause. We are slowly, but surely, building up the funds.
Now let's talk Christmas. Every year I fail to plan adequately to have everything ready in time. Surely this year will be no different. But this year, I hope not to be producing some last minute attempt at a Christmas card/photo. Now I know I will never have something ready in time to mail out Christmas cards. That is a tradition I gave up on long ago, you know, like pretty much after year one in our new home. But I at least hope to take the picture in the near future. The problem is I am working every weekend this month, which leaves little time for composing a family picture. (Weekdays obviously don't work because Dave is at work and Reese is at school.) Wish me luck!
Happy about the arrival of my new camera card?! (Probably not.)

Zoe creates some adorable artwork with pastels.

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  1. Cheers for new camera stuff! I really want a flash as well and a portrait lens - I just seen a commercial for one last night, now I have to have one!