Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Gingerbread House

I had fun plans for the girls yesterday after school. We started with smoothies with whip cream and little umbrellas. Did you know whip cream and little umbrellas make little girls very happy? Then we decorated a gingerbread house and that also made them very happy (and giddy).
Often I am cranky mother, but if you pick up your bath towels, listen to me, and don't ask me for something I've already said no to a million times, I am kind of nice. Neat, eh?

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Some Christmas Crafting

I made these button trees while I watched 48 hours Mystery last night. Bliss. This totally makes up for the lack of Dateline on Friday night. (I'm fun like that). Did I mention I love buttons? 'Cause I do. If you have any ideas for buttons, send 'em my way. After these trees though, I need to replenish. I think I have one brown button left. These are really easy to make. I could have had the kids make them, but sometimes I just like to relax and craft. I used cardstock to make the cone trees and some tape/staples, white glue, and lots of buttons of various colours- done!

I did buy some Christmas crafts supplies just for the kids though. They get so excited about them. We make candy cane reindeer and styrofoam snowmen.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Muffin Tin Advent Calendars- Take Two

Last year I made mini muffin tin Advent calendars for the girls. After Christmas, I put the magnet tops away in Ziploc bags and I decided to be practical and use the muffin tins to make mini muffins during their "off" season. Smart thinking? Not so much. I have searched everywhere for those magnet tops that I spent hours cutting, handstamping, and painting. I have no idea where I put them and I came to the conclusion that hunting for them was actually far more stressful than making more so that's what I did. They were a quicker, cheaper version of the original tops, but they'll do just fine. I couldn't wait to fill them so after I made the new magnet fronts, I started filling. After day 10, I wondered if the little treasures were starting to become boring and repetitive so Dave and I brainstromed and started thinking outside the muffin tin. For a couple, I will put a note with a message of where to find their little gifts for the day, and that way I won't have to confine everything to this tiny hole. And I think that will keep it interesting too. We are also thinking of a dinner out or a movie for another. Dave suggested we use the Palassad coins that are worth 10 tokens and put one of those in for a night out. I think it should be fun! The little Snoopy magnet packs were a sweet Michaels find, at less than a penny a magnet (for real!) I bought the packs all for the awesome magnets that read: This has been a good day.

My sweet girls were so excited to decorate the tree. I have to admit, I wanted it done, but didn't really want to do it so I was kind of relieved when they wanted to do it all by themselves. They decorated while I cooked dinner. That worked out pretty well, I'd say!

Zoe looks like she's in workout mode with the weights in the background. (I just had to shove those out of the corner so I could get the tree up.)

These are our favourite ornaments- blown glass Care Bears.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

My Christmas Wreath, and Christmas Cards

We are starting to decorate for Christmas...slowly! I finished up this Christmas wreath the other day. I didn't want something that looked too Christmas-y. So I think this works. I also worked on my Christmas cards this past weekend. They are almost done. I am not quite on top of things though. I ordered some inexpensive photobooks as gifts and the layout got messed up so now I need to suck it up and pay more to have some made locally so they'll (hopefully) be ready in time. If these don't work out, I'm going to throw a tantrum. The end.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Ballet is very competitive stuff...

Zoe had her last ballet class on Monday. It was so cute watching her dance around, but equally cute seeing her in this last shot- she was not happy that she had been head of the dance line and some other girl butted her first place. It's rough being a dancer.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

A Christmas Card, by Zoe

I decided the other day that I would take up contesting in my spare time. We'll see how long that one lasts. I tried it once before, and gave up quickly when I wasn't becoming a "winner" fast enough. But round two, contesting, here it goes. I go to enter a contest, and realize I need to include not just a craft or recipe, but also a picture. Seriously? Does contesting need to be so complicated? Can't it just be me: Laura; lives at; email address. Blah. Done. So since I was already in the thick of it, I got little Zoe started on the craft for that picture I needed. I sure wasn't going to let a silly picture stand in the way of me and my contesting. Dedication, I tell you. I'll let you know how this contesting thing goes (or how quickly I get sick of it).

Sunday, November 13, 2011

An Attempt at Family Christmas Card Photos

I think next year I will make my attempts a bit earlier in the season. I had to sleep today because I worked last night, and then it was much too dark out to take photos, and I just wasn't happy with the results. Dave says we might still have some more nice days to try again. My mom got the girls some new Christmas dresses so after we get those, I'll be able to try some pics of them. I can't wait, but I'm not sure about a backdrop yet. Maybe I'll get lucky and we can take them outside! These pics were taken on campus just off a parking lot. I walk past this area regularly and I scouted this little area that I just love for pictures. It's nice, you know, after you clean up a couple of beer bottles and other student junk. I think it will be a better spot when there is some sun shining though- maybe Spring time!

A practice shot- Dave looks a little stunned, but handsome nonetheless. ;)

Thursday, November 10, 2011

It Finally Arrived...

Yesterday my new chip card came for my new camera. So I can finally use it. Learning to use a new camera is never the funnest part, as everything is a bit different on each body, even within the same brand, but I'm already loving the upsides- that I can use a higher iso without huge amounts of grain (400 was pretty much the max I could use on my previous camera), and of course the full frame sensor. As a portrait lens lover, I was always annoyed by the cropped shots, but no more. :) Don't expect to see any amazing difference in my photos though. ;) I still have the same old lenses. Next up on my list is a flash. My dear, sweet hubby has been Kijijing for my cause. We are slowly, but surely, building up the funds.
Now let's talk Christmas. Every year I fail to plan adequately to have everything ready in time. Surely this year will be no different. But this year, I hope not to be producing some last minute attempt at a Christmas card/photo. Now I know I will never have something ready in time to mail out Christmas cards. That is a tradition I gave up on long ago, you know, like pretty much after year one in our new home. But I at least hope to take the picture in the near future. The problem is I am working every weekend this month, which leaves little time for composing a family picture. (Weekdays obviously don't work because Dave is at work and Reese is at school.) Wish me luck!
Happy about the arrival of my new camera card?! (Probably not.)

Zoe creates some adorable artwork with pastels.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Christmas Gifts for My Girls

I have a necklace similar to these, which I love. I decided I would order some for my girls for Christmas. The wait for these was longer than I have ever waited for a custom order (at nearly three months), but it was well worth it and I also received a bonus necklace with a little snowflake, which I will add to Reese's Christmas goodies. I think they will love them. :)

Friday, November 4, 2011

The Show Stealer

You know how I can't make a post without a picture? It would just be so boring for me. In a sad and desperate move to keep my poor little dying blog alive, I searched through my files for a pic to play with because I hadn't really taken pics this week. This one made me laugh. Someone couldn't stand not being included in the pics of her new baby cousin. I hope my sister in law doesn't mind me sharing this pic. I tried my best to crop her out of the background, and clearly someone else is the star of this show. I haven't had much to blog about this week, and I'm working all weekend, but I like to update regularly because no one likes a "dead" blog, right? Hopefully this pic will amuse someone out there as much as it amuses me. Or close, anyway. ;) Have a great weekend!