Wednesday, October 12, 2011

The World's Fattiest Cupcake

I made these cookie dough cupcakes today. They have a ball of cookie dough in the middle. You can find various recipes all over Pinterest. I think all the versions of this recipe are pretty full of lard, but I was seriously disgusted by the amount in this recipe. It was too late though. I already had myself set on trying it. Altogether, 24 cupcakes contain EIGHT sticks of butter. EWWY EWW EWW. I froze half the recipe after observing the ingredient list. I didn't bother applesaucing it, but I would if I ever considered it again. I honestly don't know why I didn't because I almost always trying to cut massive amounts of butter stick in half with some applesauce. I guess I was too distracted, drowning in sugar and butter, and all. Dave ate one and pretty much thought they were the heaviest cupcakes in the world and didn't think I should feed them to the children. I let Reese have one anyway. ;) It's mean to taunt children with fatty cupcakes and not offer them up, you know.

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  1. psst. i think you should invite me over for one of these 'nasty' cupcakes! ;)