Tuesday, October 25, 2011


This morning we took a little trip to the park. I took my camera with me because fall is so beautiful. And pictures, for the most part, can be what you want them to be. Reality- child falls off pole. Twice. Skins knee, and then gets back on pole and cries harder 'cause she fell on same knee again. We got over that pretty quickly, but then she was too cold. And she didn't want to have her picture taken. And she didn't want to stop so I could take pictures of berries. And she didn't want to sit on the log. It was dirty. It had spiders on it. Okay, she'd stand on it. But that was it! It was all very amusing. Fall is good.


  1. Oh man can I relate lol, sounds like my Lucas! But you sure got some great photos of her!! Fantastic colours.