Monday, October 31, 2011

Oh Halloween...

I would like to start this post by pointing out how much I love Halloween. We all do around here. We love Halloween parties, Halloween movies, the candy, the costumes, the decorations... But sometimes Halloween is not all that good to us, it seems. I woke up this morning with an immediate gratitude for my wonderful father, who had a heart attack on Halloween four years ago. Although that was some time ago now, I think of that sometimes because it is a reminder of how lucky we are to still have our "bubba." I can not imagine life without him.
And then today Halloween took another unlucky twist. Okay, to some people it might not seem like a big deal, but when Reese gets home from school we'll have one little frog lover with a broken heart, and it just crushes me to have to tell her that, Frisky or Marco (I can't tell them apart), has passed away. I found the little guy, her present for seventh birthday, belly up in his tank when I went to make her bed. These guys are really still a lot of times and I think they look dead, but this time I knew. Belly up- never a good sign for a fish or a frog. I thought this pic was kind of fitting for this post. I have a close friend coming to visit tonight. I know we'll still have a good Halloween, but I am sad for my girl. Frisky and Marco were her first pets that are all her own.

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