Thursday, October 27, 2011

Lunch- Halloween Themed

I became a little involved in making Halloween themed lunches for the girls for school. It started with me making these marshmallow pops and moved along from there. The marshmallow pops are just Wilton coloured chocolates on marshmallows and sticks. This week I've been on a Lunchbot kick. Zoe has two snacks and one lunch break and she doesn't have time to eat everything in her Planet Box so I've cut back. So far so good- she came home the other day with an empty Lunchbot. The pretzels are "bats and jacks." I cut out cheese and lunch meat in bat shapes and put a tiny dot of the black Wilton cake colouring for the eyes. I didn't have any of those edible markers, but I figured this would do the trick. The fruit snack is a combo of clementines and kiwi "skulls."