Sunday, October 30, 2011


Last night we did the first test run of the Halloween costumes. We went frugal this year. And I would be quite happy to go frugal again. Zoe's costume was made by my mother for Reese. I am not big on doing the same costumes for them, but this one was special because it was made by Grandma. :) I made Reese's Pippi Longstocking costume out of a t-shirt, some extra material, and a little monkey I purchased at Ikea for just over a dollar. The greatest part though was seeing the absolute joy on her face when she saw herself all done up. She clearly was quite happy with how it turned out and was all smiles as we pulled them in a wagon on the way to a family Halloween party last night. Awesome.
Dave carved a "Chucky" pumpkin this year. He's done Chucky before, but he did it again, for Reese. Reese wants to buy herself a Chucky mask to scare the big kids. Dave is going to take her out today to see what they can find for a reasonable price.


  1. OH EM GEE!!! Love LOVE the Pippi costume!! Orangie was sitting with me when i was looking at the post and she was like 'is that Pippi?!'...'I'm gonna be pippi next year, i love it! i never thought of that!' thankyou!! :) and now she's gonna grow her hair a bit so it'll be 'just right' there wire tucked into her braids?

  2. I just had to explain to Rachel who Pippi is this week. I think I need to dig up those books soon. I think I dressed up as Pippi at least 4-5 times through the years. :) That pumpkin is insane!!

  3. LOVE LOVE LOVE Pippi!! Super cute.