Thursday, September 8, 2011

Zoe's First Day of JK

We sent two kids off to school today. Dave has had the week off, which has been nice since it's the girl's first week back to school. We spend the day out the house and being not-so-productive. We ran some errands and went out for lunch, and that was about all there was time for before we had to pick the girls up. Zoe enjoyed her first day of school. She was quite happy that she finally got to play in what she calls "the castle," a piece of play equipment she has long been eager to try out.
As most of you know, Zoe is a big time accessory girl. I made her take of the necklace before school. It was a *bit* long.

I don't know why "I'm" getting this look. Maybe I should be afraid?


  1. So what is her schedule like? 1/2 days, everyday? Does that mean I'll never get to have my "Zoe" fix at playgroup?!