Monday, September 5, 2011

Our Family Photos, by Me

We haven't had a family photo taken since shortly before Zoe's first birthday. It was cool out today, and not too sunny, and so I came up with this idea that we would go for family photos. Everyone played along, which was good. I decided to try taking some using my $10 tripod and the self timer on our camera. While they are not as sharp as I'd like, I am pretty satisfied. It is much better than having no family pics, and I still had control over the settings, AND it was far less stressful than all the experiences we've had inside those little Walmart or Superstore portrait studios. No one every seems to enjoy getting those ones taken. ;) The kids played in the park after the pictures, and then we went out for a family dinner at one of our favourites- East Side Marios. It was a bit cool out so the girls just kept their jackets on for the pictures, but I like the jackets so it's all good. We are going to attempt some more family portraits soon, given how un-painful this experience was.


  1. Lovely family pics! I was thinking just the other day, that we need some updated family shots too:) Should be interesting with 2 teenage boys-lol

  2. So cute! Those are some seriously stylish little girls. :)

  3. Oh my gosh! these are FANTASTIC!!!
    We have no family shots here :(
    Must get on that!!

  4. Beautiful! They turned out fantastic. Love the editing too. Your family is gorgeous!

  5. What a cute family picture :)