Friday, September 30, 2011

Painting a living room causes a bit of chaos. That's what we are working on right now. It's consuming me right now, but after the first two walls are done, we'll take a little break and get things back in order. Reese says she doesn't care that the furniture is all over the place, as long as she can still see the t.v. Ah, priorities.

Zoe posing before gymnastics. I love this t-shirt. She's never been interested in wearing it before, but she watched Garfield on t.v. the other day, and now she was good to wear it.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

My New Toy

I bought this fun "toy" a few weeks ago at Younkers in Fort Gratiot, MI. It was on sale and cost just under $20 with tax because there was some lucky additional discount at the counter. (It's still on sale for $20 if you want one and happen to be near a Younkers.) I've had to cut down on my baking because we've reduced Zoe's sugar intake. And that hurts (ME!) After she ate her cake pop, she was a cranky pants and that really reaffirmed the unfortunate cutbacks. I made red velvet cake pops with Wilton chocolate icing. I would like to give lemon cake pops a try. The recipes come with this lovely machine. Have you ever tried making cake pops without one? I have heard it is rather time consuming and not fun. Well, let me tell you, this little machine is easy AND fun. Yay for cake pop makers! These are just simple ones, but I will give some more interesting ideas ideas a try later. We are going to have cake pops for our annual Halloween party. I also have plans for Reese's birthday- in March! We have already been running through ideas for the party. We all know how important birthdays are to kids. ;)

Sunday, September 25, 2011


(This is the original photo followed by two edits. The vignetting was created by the filter I made. It's just how it worked out, but I like it.)

I am thinking of having Dave take me on an apple picking date to "woo" me 'cause that would be fun, right? I think he thought that was a weird date idea, but he said yes. We shall see though. I don't really want the kids to miss out on apple picking. They just loved strawberry, raspberry and pea picking in the summer. I wasn't completely happy with the heart "bokeh" in these pics. I think it looks a bit overdone, but you never know unless you try.

Friday, September 23, 2011

Hot Air Balloon

I have nothing much to write about, but for the sake of keeping my blog up to date, I figured I'd post an entry anyway. Here is a pic I played around with that took of a hot air balloon the other day. It was so close that I had to run in and get the camera. Here's some advertising for ya, EZ Rock.
I haven't been doing much lately, other than various workouts (thanks to JK and my new found free time), cleaning, and painting. I have enough painting to do around here to last me until at least Christmas.
Have a great weekend!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Ballet Babies

Zoe had her first "ballet babies" class yesterday. She was super excited. That pretty much sums it up.

Monday, September 19, 2011

The True Tale of a Rotary Phone

A few months ago I found this rotary phone. I immediately coveted, but could not afford one. So I decided that I would either look for a coloured rotary phone, or find a beige one to paint, as has been done for the Anthropologie model. My dad, an avid yard saler, (which is so obviously a word, spell checker), helped me with my search. It didn't take him long to stumble upon a table with not one, but two, beige rotary phones. He asked the man if he had any coloured ones, and sure enough, he had this green one inside. So my dad walked away with this beauty for me for $12.
It just so happened that my grandma, (his mother), was also having a yard sale that day. When he stopped by at grandma's sale, he told her about the phone. Well, it turns out grandma had sold a green rotary phone to a man for $3. When my dad looked at my "new" phone, there was grandma's number in the centre, where I have now place the little picture of the bird. So that is the story of how I got my (grandma's) rotary phone. It has a cool ring, and a good story, if you ask me.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Back at it

For the first little while during the school year, and whenever we have lots of groceries and lunch items to choose from, lunch making is fun. Here's Zoe's lunch for tomorrow. She has two snack breaks, in which her snack must be in a labelled container (hence the apple bag), and one lunch break. I couldn't find the small stainless steel container for her Planetbox. So instead I used a small stainless steel container from Dollarama. It doesn't have a lid though so I used the metal top of an orange juice container to cover it before I shut the lid. This avoids the moisture from her Tabbouleh sliding around on the top of the compartment and soggy-ing up the sandwiches. That's my tip of the day. ;) Also tabbouleh is great with feta. Zoe and I both agree on that.The cheese crisps (middle compartment) are available in a huge bag at Costco for $8. The multigrain alphabet pretzels are President's Choice. Dave and Zoe spelled words at lunch with these. It was cute. :)

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Western Fair

Things have been really good around here. We had a fun day in the U.S. on Sunday, the kids are nicely settled into school, and yesterday we enjoyed an evening out at the Western Fair. After our first ride, it poured. Thankfully, that was pretty brief, and after that it was just a matter of a few wet seats. We did the Western Fair as economically as we could- $46 to be exact. When the kids are older, we might do wristbands and spend a Saturday there. Unfortunately Zoe can't go on quite as many rides as Reese yet so it's tough when they need a partner to ride with. Dave went on one of the bigger rides with Reese, and I went on two. Next year, it's just going to be me doing those rides with Reese. Someone's belly can't quite handle it anymore. ;)

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Chalk Art

We drew outside with chalk this morning. Zoe was really just waiting outside for friends to come out. That's all she wanted to do was play with friends. So that's pretty much what she did all day. Dave and Reese did well at the garage sale/lemonade stand in Burford. Good day all in all. :)

Friday, September 9, 2011

"Back to School" Photo Shoot

I am so lucky that this kid plays along with my ideas... sometimes. Technically Reese is the only kid going "back" to school, but I guess Zoe did go to preschool last year. Unfortunately Reese could not participate in this photo shoot because she is off to sell cupcakes and lemonade at the Burford yard sale tomorrow. We are instilling a little entrepreneurial skills in the girl.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Zoe's First Day of JK

We sent two kids off to school today. Dave has had the week off, which has been nice since it's the girl's first week back to school. We spend the day out the house and being not-so-productive. We ran some errands and went out for lunch, and that was about all there was time for before we had to pick the girls up. Zoe enjoyed her first day of school. She was quite happy that she finally got to play in what she calls "the castle," a piece of play equipment she has long been eager to try out.
As most of you know, Zoe is a big time accessory girl. I made her take of the necklace before school. It was a *bit* long.

I don't know why "I'm" getting this look. Maybe I should be afraid?

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Back-to-School, The Reese Version

I blame the lack of sharpness in these photos on the sleep blur in my eyes. It has happened for the last few years. I wake up just in time to snap a few pics before she and Dave head out for the bus. This year I decided to use auto focus to try to correct the problem, but it didn't entirely correct the problem. This is when "good enough!" will do. Reese was super excited. I just gave her a hair cut last night so I don't think that side braid will stay in for too long. Reese says it's a new hairstyle for a new year of school. :)
P.S. Isn't this Polaroid shirt awesome? It was a $5 score from Old Navy.

Monday, September 5, 2011

Our Family Photos, by Me

We haven't had a family photo taken since shortly before Zoe's first birthday. It was cool out today, and not too sunny, and so I came up with this idea that we would go for family photos. Everyone played along, which was good. I decided to try taking some using my $10 tripod and the self timer on our camera. While they are not as sharp as I'd like, I am pretty satisfied. It is much better than having no family pics, and I still had control over the settings, AND it was far less stressful than all the experiences we've had inside those little Walmart or Superstore portrait studios. No one every seems to enjoy getting those ones taken. ;) The kids played in the park after the pictures, and then we went out for a family dinner at one of our favourites- East Side Marios. It was a bit cool out so the girls just kept their jackets on for the pictures, but I like the jackets so it's all good. We are going to attempt some more family portraits soon, given how un-painful this experience was.

Saturday, September 3, 2011

A Random Pic

I haven't dumped the pics off of my memory card in a few days so I just picked this random picture of Reese for today's blog post. I bought this cute little hat for her from Heartsy (discounted Etsy)
I am a bit of a Heartsy addict, and a hat addict too.
This is our last weekend before back to school. Crazy how quickly life flies by, eh? My little Zoe starts JK this week, and Reese will be in grade two.