Saturday, August 13, 2011

The P Girls

It kind of bothers me that I never appear in any pictures. It's certainly not because I'm egocentric (because I'm really not). I am really big on preserving memories through photos and I don't want my children to feel like I wasn't part of those memories. So last night I thought I'd ask We went out to dinner at the Mandarin last night. I wanted to do something special for the children as a family. I was just going to rush out the door in my grubs and then when I glanced in the mirror I was like "whoa." It was pretty bad so I cleaned myself up before we went out. I love that the girls like to get all fancied up before we go out to dinner or a movie. They make a big deal about picking out their outfits and prettying their hair, and I think that's kind of cool. I think it's nice to recognize a special occasion and take a little extra time to make yourself feel good. So I asked Dave to take our picture because I actually brushed my hair and stuff. ;) So there ya go. I now appear in pictures.


  1. Such great pics, I totally understand when you're always behind the camera, but woman - you are photogenic!

  2. You look beautiful and what a great photo of you and your girls!
    I wish I was in more pictures as well.

  3. ok, i seriously LOVE this idea..the dressing up to go out for dinner. Such an overlooked idea. To make it 'special'..It really made me think!! And i think that i need to initialize that notion in our house!!!
    And you guys looked ABSOLUTELY WONDERFUL! <3 it! FRAME it. Wish i had more pics of me around here.