Wednesday, August 31, 2011


We made a volcano the other day. I've never done a "science" volcano, and I really didn't know what I was doing, but it turned out well. I mixed up some flour (unnecessary ingredient), baking soda, and vinegar for it. First we put the baking soda in our volcano (made from a 2L pop bottle and covered with tin foil for structural purposes), and then I dumped in the vinegar. The kids loved making the volcano "angry."

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Electrical Tape Painting

The girls did some painting yesterday. The lines were created using electrical tape. The tape can be left on afterwords, or removed, depending on the effect you want. This would work better on canvas. I think we'll do that next time because I don't care for "curling" paper.

Monday, August 29, 2011

Looking for a Giveaway Today?

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I needed to feel inspired yesterday so Zoe and I went for a walk in the evening. It was brief because Zoe fell in the mud. Reese didn't want to come because she was busy writing her book. It's getting harder to find interesting places to walk around here, as more and more houses are popping up. This fall a trail is supposed to go up, but I won't hold my breath. Apparently it was supposed to go up last fall.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Hello Kitty Gets a Ride

I was trying to get the kids to come in for their bedtime snack. Reese was writing a book on the front lawn, Dave was tidying the garage, and here is Zoe. She waves, "hi mom!" and smiles. She had her snow sled dragging behind her jeep and was taking Hello Kitty for a ride. It actually worked pretty well. What a kid.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Today is not my day...

I would like to throw a tantrum right now. I am having a not-so-good day. In the meantime, here is a picture of the lovely Orchids my darling husband bought me at Costco. Just in case you are jealous of his wooing skills, I should add that I asked him to pick them up for me. There is no point in beating around the bush. Boys like you to straight up tell them what you want, apparently. ;)

Monday, August 22, 2011


These pics are for my mom, who wanted to see my new kitchen colour. The colour looks slightly different in real life. Either way, I love it. This went like many of my little house projects go. I start it, Dave finishes it. My mom also made this dress for Zoe. I love it, particularly the "skirt" of the dress. I ordered that fabric from Etsy. It's called "french girls" and is of some sweet little girls looking out their windows.

I love this picture, just because. My dad got this cool picnic basket at a yard sale. It will be a sweet prop.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Some Quick Photo Fun

After too many falls off the wall, the "glass" in this picture frame was all cracked along the bottom. I've decided to save it like a hoarder for a while. I figured I could have some fun with it. And the kids did have fun getting their pics taken "in" it before dinner. Reese even expressed slight disappointment when we stopped for dinner. I guess we just need to jazz up the picture taking.

Kitchen Cupboard Clean Out Craft

I really needed to get rid of this (disgusting) brown Minute Rice, and these last few stragglers of whole wheat penne. Unfortunately Minute Rice can be very messy if it's not glued well so everyone but Reese's went straight to the garbage. No one really appreciates little pieces of rice all over the house, right? ;)

Thursday, August 18, 2011

My Current Obsession

Aprons. I love them. I added two new aprons to my collection for my birthday. My mom made this one for Reese. It is super cute. This is Reese helping chop vegetables for dinner. I usually don't have the kids help me with dinner (because to be honest it slows me down), but I did that night and she was pretty excited to do some choppin.'

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

A Little Restoration/Repurposing Project- Part 1

I bought an ugly old painting for this project. It was really ugly. I was almost embarrassed to carry the thing out of Goodwill. I had big plans for it though. Unfortunately I didn't take any before pics of it. It's still in the works, but I've selected a few photos to string in the frame. I found the cute little mini clothes pegs at Dollar Giant.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

The P Girls

It kind of bothers me that I never appear in any pictures. It's certainly not because I'm egocentric (because I'm really not). I am really big on preserving memories through photos and I don't want my children to feel like I wasn't part of those memories. So last night I thought I'd ask We went out to dinner at the Mandarin last night. I wanted to do something special for the children as a family. I was just going to rush out the door in my grubs and then when I glanced in the mirror I was like "whoa." It was pretty bad so I cleaned myself up before we went out. I love that the girls like to get all fancied up before we go out to dinner or a movie. They make a big deal about picking out their outfits and prettying their hair, and I think that's kind of cool. I think it's nice to recognize a special occasion and take a little extra time to make yourself feel good. So I asked Dave to take our picture because I actually brushed my hair and stuff. ;) So there ya go. I now appear in pictures.

Friday, August 12, 2011

A Tea Party for Four Princesses

Yesterday the girls had two tea parties. Dave insisted I sleep in (love that boy) so he got the girls started with their first party, with orange juice "tea" and cucumbers. I had planned a tea party too so we had that in the afternoon. I have new ice cream sandwiches presses that I couldn't wait to use so I baked up some low fat chocolate sugar cookies and used vanilla frozen yogurt for the ice cream. They were great. I had wanted these presses since I spotted them at Homesense, and now that it's end of season and they were on clearance, I had to get them. obviously. ;) I am going to try making larger batches and freezing them for future enjoyment. I baked the chocolate zucchini muffins using a giant zucchini grown in my garden. This thing was so big that I was able to make battered zucchini with it too. I will definitely be growing zucchini again next year.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011


One of my favourite things about these is how I got the seeds! I got a free package of seeds when I bought two bags of Krispy Kernels Sunflower Seeds at the convenience store. They were for the buyer to "give back to the earth." I guess I was half expecting they wouldn't grow- surprise! Apparently sunflowers are pretty easy to grow.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Paper Mache

This was our craft for yesterday.... Unfortunately I put them outside to dry and then it rained. They may need some repairs! We weren't done anyway, we still need to make them into something. I ripped up strips of scrapbooking paper and made the "glue" by mixing flour and water. There is no right measurements really, just to get it to a consistency you can work with.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Party Pics

This is my last post of Zoe's party pics- really! I just didn't have time for anything else today because we got home at 10 o'clock at night. Dave was an awesome clown in his retro clown costume, which I purchased months ago from Buy Costumes, with this party in mind. He made some really great balloon animals. My favourite was the snake, but in all the excitement, I forgot to snap pics! But I did get a pic of one of his flowers a few days before the party. The boy is a good sport, I tell you. :)

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Too Funny Not to Share

Seriously, how can one not love the overdone- two headband, hair clip, necklace, and fashion glasses- look? She looks so serious too, eh?

Reese is at her Oma's for a couple days. Zoe and I had a special day together yesterday. We went to playgroup, went downtown to see the Smurfs, and went to McDonald's for a Smurf Happy Meal. In the evening we went to Claire's because they had their 10 for $10 sale on and she had a GC from her birthday. (We scored big this time!) She insisted on getting more sunglasses-that-look-like-glasses. Okay, I had to indulge her once I saw them on.

Friday, August 5, 2011

The Birthday Girl

The circus party was a success. Nothing ever goes off exactly as planned (of course), but I think everyone was pretty happy. Two of the balloons popped within minutes of entering the house (and those polka dot guys were a splurge for me), we forgot to bring out the ice cream and the Cheesies, but it was good. :) I love this darling dress that Zoe wore for her second birthday pics and now for her fourth birthday party. I pulled it out because it has a cute little elephant, which goes nicely with the circus theme, and then I paired it with some leggings 'cause it doesn't fit the same at four as it did at two.
Here's a funny thing that made me feel a little bit guilty- Zoe requested we sing the "smell like a monkey" version of the birthday song at her party, but as we were singing it, and I was snapping pictures, her expression kind of suggested that she wasn't so sure about that anymore. But it was all good, it's just one of those things you can see from behind the lens- and in the pics afterwords- that expression kind of changing like, "hey wait a minute, I smell like a monkey?" 'Cause maybe she didn't think that one through. She likes to sing that for everyone else's birthday.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

The Cake

I'm pretty tired from baking. Tomorrow is Zoe's 4th birthday, and her party. We're having a circus theme so I made a clown cake and some cupcakes (for variety). I think I'm bored of cakes, and maybe next year I'll just do cupcakes. We'll see!

These cute little pinwheels are from Dollar Giant.

I made these little toppers using cardstock, a toothpick, and stickers from our theme.

Zoe, one day away from four!

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

No Sew Birthday Banner

This is the banner I made for Zoe's birthday party. It's a tad wrinkly 'cause I threw it in the closet and it sat there for a few weeks after I made it. Oops. I used pinking shears for these, some leftover fabric from the as-is section at Ikea, some cheap ribbon from Michaels, and some brads to attach the fabric. Easy peasy. Birthday Banner.