Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Curly Seuss

Ever seen the movie Curly Sue? It only received one star, apparently. We call Zoe Seuss, or Seuss-y sometimes. When she was wee she couldn't pronounced Zoe. She pronounced it Seuss-y. She wore her freshly bathed hair in a bun the other night, and when she woke up, it was curly. My girl looked so sweet with her curly hair and her grandma-made dress that I had to take some pictures of her at lunch. She wanted to ham it up for the camera. It greatly entertains me, of course.
P.S. In April I will be doing a review and giveaway for another one of Lovable Labels newer products- stay tuned!

Monday, March 28, 2011

Card Making

Last night our computer was not running well. Naturally, this was irritating me so Dave told me to go do something else ('cause I think he's sick of me complaining about the thing)! Reese has a birthday party to attend this coming weekend so I figured I should make a card. Usually I forget about making the card until the last possible second. So this was good. It was a pretty quick task so I decided to make invites to our Easter Egg Hunt. I decided the other day that we would have a little Easter party, but it's going to be very small, to keep it simple. Sometimes prepping for a party can be a pain, but the children are growing so quickly that I don't want to regret not doing these things, later. I had this quote stamp that I thought would be perfect to put on the back of the cards. It reads, "The time to be happy is now. The place to be happy is here."
See how much more productive I can be when I don't have my computer to play on?

Sunday, March 27, 2011

I Heart Faces- Slice of Life

Well, considering my whole blog, and most of my photos, are really just pics of "life," I really could have picked any pic for this theme. I liked this one though because it is pretty much sums up life for a three year old girl- bike riding with your fuzzy pink slippers and fairy wings, and carrying your doll and purse along for the ride- Good times!

Reese's Seventh Birthday Party

Yesterday we had Reese's seventh birthday party. It was lots of fun! I was actually surprised that now that Reese and her friends are getting older, I probably could have made the party longer because they are so good at just entertaining themselves now. Good times. My mother in law and my buddy Jessica helped out- thank goodness! It made everything much easier. With all the hours I spent cake and cookie baking though, I'm now ready for a break from baking!

Friday, March 25, 2011

Checking in...

I have been completing preoccupied by this birthday party, all week. I have decided that throwing parties is a lot of work. (Of course I'll still do it again). I made the cake and cupcakes last night, and I don't even want to tell you how long that took, but it was worth it.
Reese turns SEVEN today. She is the kind of kid that makes a momma proud. Here is a great example: This week it snowed again (ugh), but when I went to take Zoe to preschool, my car was cleaned off. I figured Dave cleared it off because he is usually sweet like that. But this time, Reese cleared it off before her dad took her to school. She rocks.
Happy Birthday to my sweet, Big Girl!

P.S. If you don't call this piece of work a masterpiece, I'll be upset because of all the hours of love I put into it. Dave likes to tease me and get me worked up so he kept telling me I was "no cake boss." Hmmph! to him!

Monday, March 21, 2011


There's no denying who drew all over the kitchen table...or the table under the t.v. I am so pleased that she loves to practice writing the letters in her name. However, I will now probably need to invest in a hardy supply of Magic Erasers. She also managed to leave a rather large, swirly "e" on a shelf inside the t.v. table. That must have been rather tricky.
The other photos I included are just simply because they are so expressive of her personality. ;)
My mother-in-law, who had the children on the weekend, was saying something to me about Zoe. She said, "Zoe is..." and she couldn't actually finish that sentence because it's kind of hard to describe that feisty girl...although I guess feisty fits!

Sunday, March 20, 2011

For the Classmates

I bought this chocolate lollipop mold when Reese was in JK. She likes to give something to her classmates to celebrate her birthday. I insist that it has to be something they can take home. With allergies, it is frowned upon to bring baked goods to school so I make these instead. Last year I brought nothing for her classmates because her teacher had this big thing about celebrating birthdays with fruits and veggies. Of course there are always people that want to bring baked goods, and each time we got a "reminder" notice home. So I just steered clear. ;) I tried to find a different mold this year because seriously, look at the size of these things! I will just say they require A LOT of chocolate. I don't really enjoy making them, but it keeps Reese happy so I think it's a fair compromise. I could not resist editing this pic for sake of fun-ness. Lollipops just scream fun-ness- which is not actually a word, by the way.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Loot Bag Loot

Dave's eye has been bothering him again. It acts up every now and then since it was injured in early January. He stayed in bed all day and all night yesterday. He had taken two vacation days, but it wasn't a fun way to spend his holiday time, that's for sure! His mom came from Brantford first thing this morning and then offered to take the kids home with her. They were excited and will get to see their cousin, Daryin, for the first time since Christmas.
It has been sweet bliss, I tell you. Dave's eye is feeling well enough that he can function now, and we were able to go out dinner. Having the day to ourselves has been good because it turns out that I have a LOT to do to prepare for the birthday party next weekend. I worked on the loot bags today. I am quite happy with them. I ran out today and bought these bottles from Old Navy. I wanted to give the kids something practical. They were on sale for $2.97 and then I got an additional 30% off for their give and get event. I decorated bobby pins with buttons for each of the girls. I have to credit Martha Stewart for that brilliant idea. (Oh, how I miss Martha Stewart Kids magazine!) I had ordered special bobby pins and buttons for this project, but since I just ordered them last week, I figured they would not be arriving in time. I made little "bags" out of some inexpensive, retro style fabric that I bought when Zoe was a baby. (I thought I was going to learn to sew and make bibs. HA). Each bag contains three small, organic candies, a cute eraser, and a small nail polish from Claire's. I tried to keep it simple and not too junkie. I thought over several ideas and this worked out. I hope the girls enjoy them!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Some Sweet(er) Weather

Minus the whole extreme slop thing, it was a beautiful day out today. I was sitting on the bench at the park today and I realized this will be the first year when I actually can sit and just observe for a bit, and not feel the need to hover over one of my young 'ens. I feel like the fact that we live in an area where the winters are pretty cold and long, make me really appreciate the Spring that much more. But let's face it, it's not really Spring yet, or the kids probably wouldn't have fallen through the ice at the park into a foot of water. I'm pretty sure those pink pants are splash pants, not swim pants!

I wanted to take a pic of these buds yesterday, but I didn't have my camera so I made sure to bring it along today.

Crazy girl wanted to take off her wet splash pants and roll up her pants. Unfortunately this bad example caused her sister to follow her lead and then we ended up with a lot of wet socks. I guess the Bogs will only keep their feet dry if they keep them on.

Carrying a large branch that Zoe found. Reese wanted to take it home. HA. As if.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

March Break, Day 2

Today is day two of March break (hence the title, right?) So far so good! I am always amazed at how quickly March break goes past. It was nice enough out today that we could play outside, and I wasn't even cold. (I am not a fan of the cold). I had this idea in my head that, (yay!) I could run outside tonight. Then it rained. On the bright side, maybe rain means this snow will disappear. I like snow...from inside the house! I don't like to play outside in cold slop though. So here's to hoping for Spring!
Anyway, we did a bunch of crafts today. The stick puppets were a good distraction while I made lunch. They are so easy peasy. The pipe cleaner craft probably wasn't the greatest idea though. I ended up making most of the pipe cleaner creations for them, and they just told me what to make...that doesn't sound right, eh?

I Heart Faces- Sun Flare

This wasn't the photo I was looking for, but I guess I was just lucky to find a sun flare photo in my huge collection of semi-disorganized photos. I can't wait until the summer!
I Heart Faces

Monday, March 14, 2011

Happy March Break!

I kind of equate my blog to a paper without a thesis. It seems like so many bloggers out there seem to have a general theme to their blogs, but I have none. So sometimes I disappear for a while (maybe to relieve everyone from my boring-ness- temporarily). But blogging is a great way to reflect upon your life, AND to keep on top of your pictures. So I am back( with my boring-ness. ;) )
Our March break is off to a good start. I am watching one of Reese's friends this week and I love having the three girls around because it's entertaining. As in, they entertain each other, and also amuse me.
We had family game night tonight because the girls love that. We usually have family game night on a weekend, but sometimes we pick a different night and occasionally joke about how "rebellious" we are. Get it? Because we are straying from our norm. Ha. Yes, it's all quite geeky, but true. I annoyed the rest of the family by taking pictures during said game night. The sun was shining (yay daylight savings!) and they all looked so lovely in that window light that I just couldn't help myself. I love taking pictures of everything and I wonder how I every functioned before.

This is Reese's birthday present. We bought them a bit early for fear of a possible sell out. They are frogs. :) Also pictured: Zoe's new outfit. I am in love.

Believe it? This kid is going to be SEVEN in less than two weeks! (Truth be told though, the sad part is really more that I'm getting older as she's getting older!)

Zoe painting today. They made almost 30 strange signs about the cat being missing (which he's not). Then they hung them ALL in the backyard. Let's just hope they don't blow into the neighbours' yards because some of them conveniently have our address on them! So no denying those ones are ours.
My talented daughter can balance a bingo chip (and also a pencil and other weird things) on her lip. See?

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Black Bottom Cupcakes

Chef taking a rest

Chef posing

Zoe and I made black bottom cupcakes this morning (thanks April!) You can find the recipe here. I am trying to start getting things ready for Reese's birthday party (in just a few weeks!) It's hard because I'm such a horrible procrastinator. And well, I often don't realize how quickly things sneak up on me. I need to get the invites out tomorrow. Every year I forget that I need to get her invites out early because March break falls when I would normally be giving them out. So I started putting the ribbon on our cupcake stand today. I have big plans for this cake/cupcakes and I'm quite excited to see how it will turn out.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Green Day

Tomorrow is "green day" for Reese. I just happened to buy some sparkly green ribbon today at Michael's so tonight I'd make her a clip for school. Then I thought it would be nice if I made one for each of the girls in her class. Unfortunately I have nothing for the boys, but it was a last minute idea.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Garbage Pail Love

The girl likes to strike some poses!

Is it odd that she's posing with our new garbage can? The kids have been loving and hugging this thing ever since we got it. So naturally she wanted to pose with it. It's automatic. That's what all the excitement is about. I've never seen children so excited about a garbage can before. Reese picked it out.

Really I just wanted to get some pictures with this covered tin in it (that is the new crayon container). I really liked the paper. I like how this pic turned out because it caught the sparkle of Zoe's necklace in the background. Oh, I mean, that was totally planned. ;)

Monday, March 7, 2011

DIY Salad

I must rave about www.allrecipes.com here. I was out of croutons and wanted some for my salad so I found a simple recipe online, and it worked out great! I also made some goat cheese patties and threw in some slivered almonds. Good stuff. I was shocked at how much Zoe liked the goat cheese...no question though, my other family members would not like it, but what do they know, they love Pogos!