Saturday, July 31, 2010


As Zoe's birthday gift from us, we went to Build-a-Bear today. Zoe and I have never been before. Reese went once to a birthday party there with Dave. The girls are currently playing with their new "friends" as I type this. So given this free time, (in which the house is getting rather messy), I'd say the experience wasn't too bad. Sadly though, the whole Build-a-Bear experience left a bad taste in my mouth. I didn't care for the cheap sales tactics in which they directly asked my not-quite-three year old if she had tested out the voice machine, and then placed a little heart beat in her hand to see what she thought of that. I understand that they want you to upgrade as much as possible, but I didn't want to run the risk of my daughter's birthday gift being ruined by a tantrum over some pricey upgrades. With their current promo, we still spent $80 in the store, and for two stuffed toys, I think that is plenty. We needed to stop for lunch first too, as we had just come from soccer, and then we needed to buy a pair of shorts for Zoe because guess what? Trying to hold a toddler over the toilet to hover away from a dirty seat isn't not always a successful venture. So my advice for the day would be to just bring anti-bacterial wipes instead. ;)

Friday, July 30, 2010

Do you eat the red ones last?

I'm too lazy to edit, but I figured I could at least throw together a quick collage. Zoe wanted to have a snack in this little lunch box and she just so happened to luck out and get some Smarties and Fruit Loops for it. Of course the Smarties went first. ;)

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Soap Sale!

For all you Bath & Body Works hand soap fans, they are currently on sale in Canada, 4 for $15, or 6 for $20. Happy hand washing. :)

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

A Lazy Post

My child was a terror today. I knew she was off from pretty much the moment she woke up, but I tried to continue about our planned day, which was a mistake. She drained me until she finally took her first nap in a month. She was so exhausted she screamed her head off for just a couple minutes and then was zonked. The peace was good, but the post reveals my lack of energy.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Purple Flower

I came across these beautiful purple flowers one night when I was out jogging. I don't even know what they were called. Zoe loves flowers so tonight we went for a walk so I could show them to her before they die. They were still there, fortunately. That calls for photo overload, don't ya think? Yeah, some are virtually the same shot because they were snapped within milliseconds...

Four Ways

Just for fun, the original pic and three edits.

Monday, July 26, 2010


Zoe and I made Snickerdoodle cupcakes with cream cheese and cinnamon/brown sugar icing. The icing didn't work out too well. Yesterday I had to run an errand so I sent Dave and Zoe grocery shopping. On my list I wrote "3 pks light cream cheese- $2 (each)." I thought that was pretty straight forward, but I guess it was not. Dave came home with 3 TUBS of cream cheese instead of the bricks. He is a sweet boy and tries so hard, but grocery shopping is not his specialty. Also, the containers of cream cheese aren't just light, they are REALLY light, and that made the icing really runny. 25% reduced fat products work out much better than those that are lighter by 50%. While I was uploading my pics, I turned around to see that Zoe had helped herself to an additional FIVE cupcakes on her plate. Note to self: do not turn back on toddler. ;)
P.S. Doesn't my new blog background go great with this post?!

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Yes, It's More of Zoe

Today was Zoe's first day playing an only child. She seemed to enjoy it, and all the extra attention we gave her. The first series of photos is of Zoe eating ice cream, and hamming it up, of course. The second set is of Zoe and her bike- I guess that's obvious though. ;)

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Okay, Just a Couple More

I took just a *few* more pictures tonight and made a couple more collages. You know how new things can be addictive? ;)
Perhaps I will work on enlarging them just a bit later tonight...while I'm working on a new background because apparently mine has expired or something...

Bye-bye Photobucket; Hello Picnik!

These images aren't great. I took them in a fairly dark room, with no flash. But I needed to get some pics so I would have something to play with on Picnik. It's working out much better for me than Photobucket. These pics are of Dave painting Zoe's nails. I am not sure if you can see that because they are so small. ;) He is blowing them dry in the middle pic. ha ha. I am quickly typing this post while they play tea party and sleepover in the basement. He's being super dad because he knows he'll be leaving for soccer soon. I'll take what I can get!
Last night we went to see Ramona and Beezus. It was very cute. Did I ever mention how much I love having two girls? Well, this is just another reason why. I doubt I'll ever have to sit through any Transformers movies.
Reese is gone to art camp for the week so she has gone to stay with Gramma and Bubba. I can't wait to see the work she produces!

Friday, July 23, 2010

Yogurt and Peaches

I created this photo collage with Photobucket. Wow, it is so much easier to do than the previous method I tried. Too bad it's so small. I'll have to work on that.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Tye Dye

The kids tye dyed some shirts today. It would have been neat to take pics of the process, but let's face it, that would have been a disaster. ;) The first pic is before I threw them in the washing machine. They have faded up a bit, as you can see in the second pic (of Zoe trying to convince me to put down the camera and jump on the trampoline!)

Wednesday, July 21, 2010


This little guy got trapped in the house. I wanted to get him out before he got trapped somewhere and died, but of course I am a bit squeamish about grabbing a fluttering bug. So I called in for backup because I knew Reese would save him with her love of creatures and her obviously greater bravery. :)

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Our Lemonade Stand Hits the Street, and Other Stuff

We had a great day today. The kids tried to pick mushrooms and sell them by the side of the road. Some curious passerby stopped to ask what they were selling, and they quickly learned that lawn plucked mushrooms are not a big hit with the purchasing crowd. So we set up a juice stand, and about a minute later the girls had made their first sale to some boys on skateboards. I'd say their stand was a success. I'm sure they'll try and set it up again in the near future. Here are a few random pics.

Zoe and a flower she picked from our garden
A happy girl who managed to sneak a second lollipop
Setting up the stand

Zoe dancing with Dave after dinner

Computer Isssues

I am having some computer problems, which is the reason for my lack of posting yesterday, and possibly today. Dave is trying to reformat the computer and something has gone wrong with the monitor. It keeps going in and out and I have to fiddle with the plugs and restart the computer. I can't upload pics at the moment because Zoe chewed on my new card reader, and while we had it working again for a while, it seems to have stopped now. Hopefully I can get these issue fixed soon!
In other news, we had a great time on our mini vacay. Our hotel was great, and we enjoyed the hot tub, pool, and sauna. We also enjoyed dinner at the Mandarin, where they had crab legs, which I love. I was pretty much in heaven, and Reese declared it her favorite restaurant, mostly for the large array of desserts. Reese had an awesome time at the photo shoot too. They are hoping to get the books out by September 1st so I will post a link when they are released.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Heading Out

Sadly, this is the only pic I could get of Reese this morning. I needed to post something quickly before heading out because I will not be back at the computer again until tomorrow night.
We are heading to Toronto today, after we drop Zoe off at my in laws. I feel guilty not bringing her along, but I know it will make the trip go more smoothly, and she should be happy at Oma's (as long as Oma has Lucky Charms, apparently.)
Reese is going to a photo shoot tomorrow for a children's book cover. She was thrilled to be chosen and we are very excited for this opportunity for her. So wish us luck and hopefully everything will go well tomorrow! Last night as I was packing I discovered that Reese doesn't have any socks with clean bottoms. Ha. Hopefully she won't need to wear socks.
P.S. Reese's new jacket is from Gymboree. To those who aren't Gymboree shoppers, I should tell you that shopping there is all about strategy. I bought the jacket because I had a Gymbuck, but I will do some more back to school shopping at their back to school sale at the end of July. I just got the August issue of Parents in the mail, which contains a 20% off coupon and can be combined with this upcoming sale. I thought you all should know in case you have any back to school shopping to do. ;)

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Some Shopping

Today I did some shopping- child free! Of course I spent most of the time shopping for them anyway. But I did go to the new Bath and Body works for me and I stopped at Cinnabon to try one of their new cupcakes (which was delicious!) I love to shop and if the only way to do so is to drag the kids along, then I'll do it, but it is sweet bliss to shop without them. For them, but without them. ;) So it's been a pretty good day and Dave even bathed the kids and is now putting them both to bed. Ahhh...sweet.
This pic is of Reese in a jacket I bought for her for Fall. I'd already bought her backpack and lunch box for next year before the end of June. So add this jacket, and I guess I've gotten a pretty good start here. Reese didn't really want her picture taken. She just wanted to get inside and watch t.v.

Friday, July 16, 2010

My (current) drama is over!

Almost immediately after I posted earlier, Dave came home with a package for me that contained this apron. I just ordered this recently, but I have been wanting one of these cute aprons for quite a while. The picture doesn't do it justice though. I will post more pics of me being domesticated in it later. Now if only they made a cleaning apron...could a cute apron encourage me to clean?...Doubtful.
Then Dave found my charger. He found it in his overnight bag, still waiting there since our trip. Whew. Now I just have to charge the battery (and the spare!) before our trip. I also took the girls out for pizza, and donuts and then we went and played in a neighbour's lovely backyard so my bout of crankiness has disappeared for now. Yay! Lots to do before our mini getaway...
Also, I want to add thanks for all the support during my charger "crisis." ;)


I almost didn't bother posting today because I'm getting so irritated with things going wrong for me where this project is concerned. For quite a while now I've only been able to open Blogger using a different browser because of a virus on the computer. Well, now I can't find the charger for my Canon battery anywhere. I have looked all over and I hate looking for things. (Usually when the kids lose their stuff, Dave helps them search.) So now I'm starting to wonder whether it's possible that I forgot it while we were on holidays, which means I won't get it back for a while, if at all. And on Sunday we are leaving for Toronto and I won't be able to take my Canon, which is disappointing because I've invested quite a bit of my photo taking time trying to learn to use that thing. :(

Yes, it's as disgusting as it looks. Here is Reese trying to get a rise out of me. Zoe and I were drawing and she came over to the table and took some crayon wrapper and crunched it up in her mouth, hiding them behind her growing smile. You know how kids love to push their parents buttons and Reese knows that I do not like her putting non-food objects in her mouth. Then she stuck the crayons in her mouth, and of course Zoe followed suit. I decided to just roll with it and took a few pictures and then she stopped. So I guess I win? Also, she told me if I posted the pics on my blog that she would say I made her do it. Ha!

Thursday, July 15, 2010


We went downtown to a splash pad and park this afternoon. I didn't take too many pics in the splash pad though because I figured I might have some chasing to do. So here are just a few random shots of the girls.

They made leaf bouquets. Reese had to take hers home. So that meant I had to carry it around for a while. No way I was mixing those dirty things in with our belongings! I was grossed out enough just using the public washrooms. I even held Zoe up in the air over the toilet. Good times. :)

Hmm, this expression looks familiar. Lucky for her, my camera battery died a couple pics later.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Well, at Least it Wasn't Zinc (this time)

Today I found Zoe like this when I went to retrieve her from quiet time. Oops, it looks like I forgot to put the tattoo supplies back on her shelf in her room. When I asked Zoe if I could take her picture, She thought it was because I wanted a picture of her dress. Um, yeah.

I cropped this picture because guess what it really a picture of? Zoe's butt crack...

That's why Reese is laughing so hard.

A fashion statement. Belt as neck tie?

I attempted a self portrait. I wouldn't advise taking a picture of oneself this close. I've tried a few times now and have been totally creeped out by how wrinkly I appear up close. At least I'm not as old as my friend Lyndsay.