Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Two More Days...

Until Reese turns six! We are counting down to that date, and the party date. Today was a pretty fun day, even though we didn't go anywhere. I baked early birthday cupcakes this morning because on Friday I'll be making the birthday cake. I don't want to do cake stuff for two days in a row. We also planted pumpkins seeds (see pic below). If an actual pumpkin results, and preferably not fully developed in August or September, that will be a miracle. I'm not counting on it though. One time I did grow a pumpkin, but not from seed, and it was beautiful. But it was ready long before Halloween. I am afraid I won't become a pumpkin farmer anytime soon.

Here is Reese playing this afternoon. Can you imagine having so few toys that you have to resort to taking "pictures" of the cat with your mother's yoga mat?
He doesn't actually look amused

I had to take pictures of Zoe before she headed to the park with Dave tonight. She never wears this vest, let alone with the coordinating hat. To go with these pictures, I will share a cute Zoe story from this evening. While she was lying in bed tonight, we were chatting. I told her about how we live in London and she said "and Canadian Tire." I had to tell her that no, we do not live in Canadian Tire, although I know her dad has been visiting there a bit lately...apparently too much. Canada, Canadian Tire, what's the difference, really? ;)


  1. omg, the second picture and it's caption made me LOL. That's hilarious. J has that dress too! We love it!

  2. They're both adorable. Great pictures and love the stories that go with them. Good luck with your pumpkins!

  3. I love the pic of Zoe!! It's almost as if she is saying Really Mom!

  4. Hilarious story!
    We actually have a song about Home Depot since I like going there so much... and looking at the flyer!
    Great vest/hat set!