Saturday, March 27, 2010

This Event Involved...

Waiting for party guests to arrive!

I wanted to make my own "edible arrangement." This was the first one I've ever made, and I was quite (surprisingly) pleased with how it turned out. The kids loved it and ate every fruit skewer!

Chocolates from the "coin" hunt

Playing "Pin the Fairy on the Flower." She looks so pleased with herself. Note where the actual flower is- up and waaay to the right. ;)

Zoe actually sat at the table and decorated this wand all by herself. I was amazed.

Starting a game of Twister!

Reese's tea pot- now fired in the kiln and in action! I love it.

Enjoying some fruit and tea. Well, only a few kids drank their tea, but that part was mostly for the fun of drinking real tea out of real tea cups. It was decaf though. I didn't want to watch a bunch of kids on caffeine. ;)

This was not exactly what I wanted to do with this pic, but in order to share it on my blog, I needed to edit Reese's friend out of the pic as best as I could. (She is darling, but I do not share others' faces on my blog without prior consent). Her friend wanted to be my helper so she put all the candles in the cake for me. :)

And now I am just about the happiest mama on the planet...

Because Reese asked her Oma if they could go home with her for two nights and Oma agreed to take them!!! Oh bliss. I am sure I will be lost without them tomorrow. ;)

Thanks for viewing my really pic heavy post!


  1. What a terrific post! Wonderful photos! Looks like a lovely time!
    And your fruit skewers look delicious!

  2. You did an awesome job making the edible arrangement. Looks like a really fun party-Loved all the pics!

  3. You certainly throw a great party! It made me want to be a little girl again so I could come and eat fruit skewers and drink tea! Great photos!

  4. love the edible arrangement!! Looks yummy!!

  5. Aw, looks like such a fun, girly party. Great pics!

  6. Looks like the birthday girl had a great day!

  7. Each picture is great! The party looks like it rocked!

  8. What a fun cute!
    I love the edible arrangement too! wow :)