Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Getting Ready for Easter!

Time kind of slipped away from me, and I forgot how fast Easter is approaching. So this morning we decorated Easter eggs, this afternoon we will make Easter cookies, and maybe tonight we will have a chocolate egg hunt.
When I was a child, the Easter bunny always left a trail of chocolate eggs leading to our Easter baskets. One year, when I was about nine, I found my basket in the living room and it had a lovely smelling pink soap inside. Every chocolate in my basket tasted like soap. This was not such a terrible thing though because now I can learn from the mistakes of past Easter bunnies. My girls will be getting a chocolate trail, but will not find any pink soap in their baskets. :)


  1. Spring is such a fun time. Easter just adds to the fun. Great little story about past Easter bunny visit:)
    Have fun baking with the girls. They are both growing up so fast!
    Take Care

  2. Crap! I haven't done EAstery stuff yet, either! lol Luckily mine are sheltered enough I can lie about the date. They're used to having holidays different days, thanks to daddy's unpredictable work schedule ;)

  3. Love the shot with the purple hands!

  4. Wow. Now I am totally regretting not buying the glittery egg dye kit. Thanks a lot :P

    I haven't coloured eggs since I was a kid myself so I have no idea what will happen when we attempt it tomorrow lol

    I love the purple hands though! The eggs look eggcellent too! ;)

  5. I love the glitter hands!
    Poor you with the soap candy, LOL