Friday, March 26, 2010

The Disaster that is Every Time I Bake a Cake

It is amazing that my cakes even look somewhat presentable, considering the disasters that occur every time I bake a cake. I will not get into the long stories of some of my cake wrecks, but I will tell you that the cake gods are against me. No matter what I do, all my cakes stick to the pan. Sometimes a little. Sometimes a lot. This time, three quarters came out clean. The other quarter? Stuck in the pan. I was hardly even stressed about that part because I could pretty much predict it, and I'd just have to make do. There was also an incident where the top blew off my cheapie cake decorator, blew icing chunks, and stabbed a hole in the cake. There were many tantrums thrown by me. It only got worse when Zoe wanted to help. Help eat the icing, the is. I wanted to clean the cake tray before taking this photo, but I thought I'd better take one quickly before the whole thing fell on the floor! It hasn't (yet), but I did realize (when I went to put the lid on) that the top peak was hanging over the edge. I wasn't afraid to crush it because there was no way I was moving that thing! Anyway, my sweet, newly six year old said it was the best cake I've ever made. I think she was saying that to make me feel better, and it worked.
Can you believe that last year she suckered me into making TWO cakes for her party?!
That's another story...


  1. The cake looks great!! Better than I could do anyday. I am NOT a baker so I don't even try. Coudos to you for doing it!! Have a great party.

  2. Looks great :)
    I don't know what the pros do, but when I am going to be decorating a cake for others to see, I use the disposable cake pans. I find stuff doesn't stick then, and if worse comes to worse...I can cut it off the cake ;) haha. Haven't ever needed to though.

  3. Great work on that cake! Happy Birthday to Reese!