Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Two Weeks Until School

Tonight I kept the girls up until after 10. We laid in Zoe's bed together for over an hour talking, even though I said they were going STRAIGHT to bed. Once I sat there, I suddenly didn't want them to go to bed and I just wanted to look at their cute faces. And even though I had insisted to Zoe earlier that Reese could not sleep with her, I let them sleep together anyway. And I don't regret it.
Zoe flying her kite. :)

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Back Handspring

This summer Reese joined a competitive gymnastics team. It is the love of her life, and she has shown a crazy amount of dedication to her sport. She trains 8 hours a week, and then some more at home, and then watches gymnastics videos on Youtube...
She is currently working on her back handspring. I love seeing her excitement as she gets closer and closer to her goals.
And then there's Dave. I'm very proud of him too. Not only is he amazingly dedicated to the build of this home, but he takes time out, pencil still behind his ear, to spot his daughter on back handspring before he goes back to trimming the windows in the baby's room. It's been a long process, this build, one that few can truly appreciate (or at least relate to), but we are grateful-  grateful in a way we never could have been had we had a home fully built for us, or had not nearly so many challenges, or had the process been faster. It's a journey we've shared together and for that I am very thankful. 

Monday, August 11, 2014

Zoe's Week at Tennis Camp

I woke up this morning and I heard noise coming from downstairs. I immediately thought I'd better get up because Zoe's awake, and then I remembered she's at Grandma and Bubba's house for tennis camp this week. I am really looking forward to a week alone with my big girl because those days are going to  be harder to come by once the baby is here. With Reese being older, Zoe and I get a lot more one on one time (mostly when Reese is at sleepovers), but Zoe is almost always home. So this week I am looking forward to a week of lunch dates, (tantrum free) shopping trips, and just time hanging out. :) I know my baby girl will be enjoying her week too. I will miss her, but I know I will feel more rested at the end of the week.

Saturday, August 9, 2014

Back to School, 2014

It's hard to believe that I started this blog when Zoe was just 2, and Reese was 5, and now here they are-   Zoe going into grade 2, and Reese grade 5. This photo shoot will go down as one of my favourites. I wanted a fun set, and fun sets and fun photos just go hand in hand. I had a good laugh sorting through these, and there were so many that I loved. The summer has been good, but Zoe constantly needs to be entertained and she is not an easy one to get to bed either. It has been months since she has been in bed before 10 pm, and there has been much stalling and call backs, and then lately she gets up in the nights and sneaks in between me and Dave in bed. So it's tiring, after spending so much time arguing with her during the day. There's constant arguing about her not picking up after herself, and then there's arguing over ridiculously things, like why she can't spend her money to buy herself reading glasses at the store. So it is nice at the end of the day to have these photos to go through because they are an easy reminder why I love her so. It's also nice to see photos of the girls interacting together, and having fun. Of course there was a fight over the seat at the end. But that probably goes without saying. ;)

Monday, August 4, 2014


Today is Zoe's 7th birthday. The kids were up so late last night that by the time they fell asleep (after 11!) I was too tired to bake the cake I'd promised Zoe. Every year on the girls' birthdays I undertake the   daunting task of making a cake. I say daunting because something always goes wrong, but I've come to anticipate it, and I just go with the flow. And every year I'm reminded that although I may be creative, I am not a neat and tidy cake master, by any means. While you'd think this realization might be deflating, it's actually not. Because while the children look over my shoulder, cooing over their new cake, they always marvel about how beautiful it is and how it's "the best cake ever," and how heartwarming is that for a mother, right? The girls and I had a nice day together shopping and having a little at home spa, and now as I type this Zoe is upstairs spending a little time with her dad, (who has been busy putting in a driveway this weekend), reading bedtime stories. It was a good birthday. 
 We gave her 5 new pairs of earring and some shopping money. :)