Thursday, October 16, 2014

Take a Picture, It'll Last Longer

Remember this elementary school expression when someone was caught starring? (Take a picture, it'll last longer!) Well that's exactly what I did. In the mornings when I wake up, I often find his chubby little hands curled up under his chin. His sweet cheeks are puffing out and I want his baby goodness to last forever. So on the weekend when he slept in particularly long,  I grabbed my camera and went back up to my room to make this last in the only way I know how.

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Weeks in Pictures

Well, I don't have much interesting to write about over the last few weeks, but I have taken a number of photos (Of course!) So here are a few of those...

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Apple of My Eye

My new nephew came to visit last week, we photographed the boys together, and then Griffin stayed asleep in the large bowl for the remainder of the afternoon. When the girls got home from school I decided to try my luck with these photos. I needed Reese as a "helper" just in case Griffin got squirmy. Fortunately he didn't and I took a bunch of photos in just a couple minutes. If only newborns could generally be as easy peasy to photograph as he was that afternoon! I haven't even gotten a chance to look at all my pics, but I always grab a few that I like and edit those right away. 

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

My Boys

One of the first things that attracted me to Dave was that he was interested in growth. Dave was a little chubby when we first met and I remember him telling me he was going on some kind of diet. When I ran into him again a few montbs later, I was shocked to see he had lost weight. He said something along the lines about how he had told me he was going to lose weight, as if I shouldn't be surprised. But many people say this and never follow through. Dave is a motivated, hard working, and driven person, and I like that about him. It makes me so happy to have him as my husband and the father of my children. He continues to amaze me, even after 13 years together. ❤

Monday, September 22, 2014

Griffin Meets the Fam Jam

Yesterday my family came to meet Griffin. They would have come sooner, but my parents had planned a two week trip to Portugal before we knew Griffin was coming. They also brought one of my nephews along.:) 

Monday, September 15, 2014

Some Newbie pics

I have been getting lots of "early" day pics in of Griffin. After all, he will only be this little once, and having these photos is important to me. For his individual portraits, I had a pretty short list of "must haves." I wanted one of him on books in glasses for sure. That was tricky because the glasses were so huge. He lifted his head up just enough for them to fall into place, and I snapped the photo. I love that one. I bought the large wooden bowl at Homesense with the intention of photographing him again in it at 6 months and 1 year because it is so big and he'll be able to sit in it. There were limited poses I could do because I had no helping hands. Usually I have the mom close by for safe posing, but since I am the mom and the photographer, I didn't have this. I like to keep the poses pretty simple anyway though. I like the curled up baby in the little bowl pose and I try to get that with most of the newbies I photograph. It's simple and shows off their cute little faces. I tried to buy a macro lens off Kijiji, but it didn't work out. In the end I decided the expense was probably unnecessary at this time and made a reverse 50 to get the close up shots. (You take the 50mm lens off, flip it backwards, holding it in front of the camera and manually focus the shots.) It served it's purpose well enough, but certainly doesn't have real macro quality. I do almost all of my in studio photos using a 35 mm 1.4 lens because I try not to cut off feet too much, etc. so I need the extra width. But I occasionally use my 50 too. I just have the cheapie 1.8, but it is quite a good lens. The flooring in the photos is our actual floor that we have throughout the house. It's a distressed, handscraped Hickory hardwood. I love how it photographs and intend to have Dave eventually make me a backdrop with the leftovers (after he's eventually finished the loft and maybe the basement bedroom.)